GB 1Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Our bi-folding doors will add that touch of elegance and finesse to your home. When closed the striking glass facade compliments the external aspect of your home. Once opened the stunning effect of bringing the outside into your home is revealed.

All our bi-fold doors are manufactured from the tried and tested “Smart Aluminium” system, giving you the peace of mind that you will enjoy a low maintenance reliable performance over a lifetime of use.


Bifold 1 Features and Options

Our doors can be configured to open in or out, stack from the left or the right, and open from the centre, end or in between.

Our doors are available with a standard threshold with an up-stand of 49.5mm or a low threshold version with ramps at 15mm.

High security hook bolt locks and one piece keeps on main opening sashes and shootbolt locking on floating mullions.

High quality and robust stainless steel rollers to give a smooth and easy operation.

Polymide thermal barrier to reduce heat loss and improve thermal performance.

bifold 2High quality EDPM rubber gaskets and weather proofing.

28mm double glazed units, available with integral blinds giving a “U” value of 1.8 W/m2K

Upgrades to self cleaning or other specialist units.

Magnetic clips to opening door sashes.

Head vents are available for background ventilation, and to conform with building regulations for extensions and new builds.

Available in a range of standard and special colours



2 part bi-fold            3 part bi-fold            4 part bi-fold            5 part bi-fold            6 part bi-fold

2     0     2                   3     0     3                   4     0     4                   5     0     5                   6     0     6

2     2     0                   3     1     2                   4     1     3                   5      1     4                  6     1     5

                                    3     2     1                   4     2     2                   5     2     3                   6     2     4

                                    3     3     0                   4     3     1                   5     3     2                   6     3     3

                                                                        4     4     0                   5     4     1                   6     4     2

                                                                                                            5     5     0                   6     5     1

                                                                                                                                                6     6     0

Red – total number of doors  

Green – number of doors opening left  

Blue – number of doors opening right

With their potential to open up entire walls to beautiful views and natural sunlight, our aluminium bi-fold doors are simply irresistible to homeowners. Their elegant frames are slimmer than other materials thanks to aluminium’s inherent strength, meaning they can hold more glazing, for larger and better panoramic views. They also look stunning from the outside, adding a real wow-factor to any home. We offer a wide variety of colour choices, including dual colours, we are sure we can supply you with a bi-fold door to match any taste.

6 part 1

6 part 2