_DSC0055Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian conservatory is the most popular design installed today. This is probably because it makes maximum use of the available floor space and allows for easy positioning of furniture. As its name suggests this style of conservatory dates back back to the 18th and 19th centuries when they were often built on the back of the grand houses of the time. When they are installed with a glass roof they allow the natural light to flood in giving a bright airy feel to the room throughout the year.

Should you have a height restriction on the back wall this can be overcome using a box gutter, allow the roof to slope back towards the house, this also known as the double hipped Edwardian. This design can also be used to create the ever popular orangery appearance, with a central ridge giving a symmetrical look to your conservatory.

This conservatory can be supplied on a dwarf walls or with glass or featured panels to the floor, and with double doors, patios or bi-folding doors to allow access to the garden.

Mrs ElliotGlazing

Like all our conservatories the Edwardian comes with toughened safety glass and argon filled sealed units as standard. This can be upgraded with other glass types to provide improved solar reflection and thermal properties where required.

All our glass roofs are installed with Active Blue sealed units, these have a blue tint that reflects over 60% of the suns solar energy. This will help keep your conservatory cooler  during those hot summer months as well as limiting the UV rays which can fade your furnishings. It also come supplied with a self cleaning coating that uses the daylight and rainwater wash away grime and dirt, and are provided with a low emissivity inside pane and argon gas to make them twice as well insulated as standard double glazed sealed units.