Lean To Conservatory

_DSC0046The lean-to conservatory can be fitted onto almost all of properties with very few situations where it cannot be installed. This is one of the main reasons why it has been the most popular design over the years.





CC04_GGThe lean-to is ideally suited to bungalows and other properties with height restrictions on the back wall, and can be installed with pitches as low as 2.5 degrees, avoiding the use of expensive box gutters. As well as low pitches it can also be fitted with pitches up to 45 degrees to really give you that feeling of space and appearance of the old conservatories that were full of exotic and unusual plants during Victorian times. Its standard rectangular shape makes the most use of the space available and allows for easy placement of furniture. Lean-to conservatories are not just for bungalows many people like them because of their clean lines and simple uncomplicated looks.




321This style is also very popular for porch roofs to let light into a hallway unlike traditional tiled or flat roofs. It also offers the opportunity to tucked away in a corner or go the full length of your property as well as providing a veranda to give you extra space if required. The versatility of this design will always mean that this style of conservatory will remain a firm favorite for many years to come