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French Doors

French doors are a fantastic way to bring the outdoors in and merge your indoor and outdoor space. Not only do they offer breathtaking views of the landscape and allow natural light to flood your room, but our uPVC French doors are expertly crafted with contemporary designs, allowing them to blend in harmoniously with your home’s unique aesthetic. To further improve their longevity, our UPVC products require no maintenance, making them an ideal solution for those looking for durability while enjoying a modern look. We provide a plethora of customisable options such as different sizes, colours and styles, ensuring you will find the right fit for you.

Elegant, continental design

French doors offer an elegant solution for any home looking for a continental touch.

By utilising two operable doors that open outward or inward, these doorways are designed to bring in natural light and refreshing breezes from outside the home. French doors not only bring a unique aesthetic charm with their classic design, they also increase home value by adding a touch of luxury that can be appreciated by potential buyers. Their versatility and convenience make them essential additions in any indoor/outdoor living space, e.g. a patio area or a Juliet balcony.
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Enhanced energy efficiency

French doors provide an elegant solution to home design, but also offer excellent energy efficiency.

They keep the indoors temperature regulated with their tight seal and insulated frames, allowing them to maintain comfortable temperatures while minimising energy consumption. As a result they can help reduce heating and cooling bills, making them the most effective and efficient choice for your home. With their excellent insulation properties, French doors are perfect if you're looking to save money on energy bills while enjoying a stylish and modern look in your home.
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Effortless maintenance

French doors require minimal maintenance and upkeep to maintain their light, airy look while ensuring long-term durability.

Their traditional designs present a timeless style that adds a classic charm to any interior or exterior of the home. Despite its aesthetic appeal, as compared to other door types, French doors are highly durable structures that are able to withstand various kinds of weather and temperature fluctuations over time. With very little effort, it can be expected that these doors will stay in perfect condition for many years.
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Chartwell Green

Rustic Oak


Dark Green

Swamp Oak


Light Grey


Cream Foil

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Matte




Agate Grey

Golden Oak

Black Foil




Dark Red

White Foil

Dark Grey

Irish Oak

Light Grey

Dark Blue


















Charcoal Sticks



Canterbury Opal

Bay Opal

Optifloat Opal

Looking for an elegant and sophisticated way to connect the indoor and outdoor? French doors are a great option.

These doors feature two panels that swing open from the centre, creating a wide and inviting opening that allows for easy access and maximum ventilation. They feature a stunning, continental design and offer excellent energy efficiency and durability.

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