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French Casement Windows

French windows are a great choice for any building project because of their appeal to aesthetic design, functional practicality, and air flow capabilities. Unlike traditional casement windows, French windows have no vertical stile between two window sashes, allowing for a seamless view of the panorama beyond. French windows, with their timeless elegance and practicality, stand as the perfect choice for any construction project. Whether you’re aiming for a classic or contemporary look, these windows effortlessly adapt to various architectural styles, making them a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Experience the harmony of superior form and function with our French windows. As a choice that transcends mere aesthetics, these windows contribute to the overall liveability and appeal of your space. Elevate your construction project in High Wycombe or Aylesbury with windows that not only make a statement in style but also enhance the functionality of your living environment. Trust us to be your partner in creating spaces that are not just visually appealing but also designed with thoughtful consideration for optimal living experiences.

Classic continental design

Constructed with two sashes that meet at the centre, they provide an attractive aesthetic while maximising ventilation throughout the space.

Each window can be fully opened outwards with ease, allowing for superior airflow compared to other window styles. The wide opening also makes routine cleaning easy and efficient. This combination of style, function, and quality makes french casement windows an ideal option for any renovation project or building addition. Moreover, the expansive opening of our French casement windows not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides excellent accommodations for superior ventilation. Whether your construction project is in High Wycombe or elsewhere, the versatility of French windows seamlessly combines both form and function into one exceptional product.
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A great combination of convenience and efficiency

Thanks to advanced design, French casement windows provide effortless maintenance and smooth mechanism operation

French casement windows offer fantastic value for money when considering maintenance and operation requirements for modern buildings. With these features providing customers with both hassle-free use and longevity of usage, French casements represent an excellent choice for anyone looking for new windows.
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Excellent energy efficiency and security

These windows boast impressive energy efficiency, helping to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer with their airtight sealing capabilities

With their modern look and expansive viewing angle, replacing old windows with French casement models can provide both a security upgrade and energy savings for your home.
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Chartwell Green

Rustic Oak


Dark Green

Swamp Oak


Light Grey

Cream Foil


Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Matte




Agate Grey

Golden Oak

Black Foil




Dark Red

White Foil

Dark Grey

Irish Oak

Light Grey

Dark Blue



















Canterbury Opal

Bay Opal

Optifloat Opal

Looking for a stylish and sophisticated window option? Consider French casement windows!

These windows operate like a traditional casement window but feature two sashes that meet in the middle without a vertical post, providing an unobstructed view and maximum ventilation. They offer timeless elegance and can elevate the look and feel of any building.

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