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    Conservatory Roofs

    The warm roof is a game-changer for the home improvement industry, offering a cost-effective way to extend the functionality of existing conservatory structures. With the roof installed on all common types such as Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable Ended, Victorian and ā€œPā€ Shaped conservatories, you can benefit from this remarkable technology that transforms your conservatory into an extra living space that’s usable year-round. What’s more, existing windows, doors, walls and base are retained – allowing a smooth transition between your extension and existing home. In short, the warm roof gives you all the benefits of an extension with minimal installation time while maintaining natural style.

    A more comfortable living space

    The warm roof offers much more comfortable living space all year-round.

    It effectively replaces the old polycarbonate or glass roof with insulated panels and tiling, improving energy efficiency and therefore saving on bills. The updated structure not only creates more thermal efficiency but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of traditional conservatories, creating an inviting and homely environment. With such advantages, there is no reason to delay investing in this practical and stylish solution.
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    A choice of of colours and materials

    The warm roof offers a great range of choices when it comes to materials to construct the roof.

    Whether you go with the classic slate option or decide to opt for shingles, both materials will give you a robust and durable roof that will last. With this type of strong, weather-resistant construction material, you can rest assured your roof is optimally equipped against the elements, whatever conditions may arise.
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    Excellent durability and reliability

    A warm roof is considered to be an ideal solution for those looking for a robust and reliable waterproofing system.

    Its ability to resist high wind speeds makes it ideal in British climate, while its long-term thermal performance ensures that your building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter - reducing electricity bills and contributing to a healthier environment. As an added bonus, its low installation cost makes it an attractive choice for any budget-conscious homeowner.
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